Meet Andi.

August 28, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Photos) (, , , )

Andi (7 of 16)

Andi is the daughter of Rachel and Andrew. I met Rachel in the seventh grade. At the end of the year her family moved away (to the magical land of Arcadia… the name of which I have never forgotten, for some strange reason).

Andi (1 of 16)

We got back in touch late last year through Facebook and when her daughter was born in January I started taking pictures of, not just Andi, but her two adorable older brothers Jackson and Ryan, too.

Andi (2 of 16)

This was a special session just for Andi, though. She is absolutely tiny and adorable. She has this HUGE grin that makes me laugh every time. Also? Those cornflower blue eyes are absolutely unreal. I promise you I haven’t done any weird Photoshop magic here. That’s just what color her eyes are.

Andi (13 of 16)

Thanks to Rachel for constantly letting me borrow her beautiful kids!


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