Meet Jaci and Matt.

August 12, 2009 at 9:28 pm (Uncategorized)

JM (30 of 56)

It’s funny how often the most rushed and unplanned shots become my favorite from any given session. This picture is from Jaci and Matt’s engagement session. We shot at UCLA the same weekend that the Festival of Books was going on and if you have ever been to that you know how difficult it is to find a quiet empty space! In this picture taken in the lobby of Royce Hall you would never guess that just outside were thousands of people and hundreds of vendor booths. We were cutting through the lobby in between panels and as I held the door open to go outside I noticed the beautiful bright light that filled the lobby. I asked them to quickly pose and hold it (as probably eight or nine people wandered through my shot) and we finally got the timing just right and I snapped this.

JM (50 of 56)

Jaci and Matt got married six days after this was shot and you can see many pictures from their wedding on my site. They are a sweet and loving couple and both of them had a great sense of humor. I feel very lucky to have met them and been apart of their very special week.

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