Meet Dylan and Madeline.

June 30, 2009 at 3:32 am (Photos)

Dylan and Madeline are the daughter’s of an old friend of mine from college.  When my friend told me she was moving to Japan the first thing I did was insist we set up a session. 

Dylan is a little bundle of energy and is more  stubborn than her mother.  When I suggested she wear a costume for her pictures she INSTANTLY knew she was going to wear the Tinkerbell costume and she would not be dissuaded!  And, believe me, I tried!  Anyway, I’m glad she won this particular battle of wills because the portraits are adorable. 

Madeline is the sweetest and most easy going baby I have ever met. She will happily go to anyone’s lap and will just grin at you like she knows something you don’t. The first time I met her she had the chicken pox and was still happy to sit in my lap with no complaining. It was amazing! I’m not sure how Lindy ended up with all the best kids. 🙂

Come home soon Dylan, Madeline and Lindy!


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